Pre-Built Simulators for Clubs

This description is written at a time when the future of two-seater flying in the UK is uncertain. Whether that be for club training, currency or annual check flights, or the all important addition to the revenue stream – Trial Lessons to members of the public.  We may have a solution to two out of three. Whether a flight in a simulator could become a sale-able alternative to a real flight remains to be seen.

Our opinion – for what it is worth – is very possibly. Certainly there is a great deal of “buzz” around the use of virtual reality within this current generation. It will require enthusiasm and dedication on the part of your marketing team, and a willingness within the club in general to make it happen.

The key points about our simulators are

  • Designed for Virtual Reality from the ground up
  • Full Motion Platform adds that final degree of realism to “fool” the body. Coupled with the total immersion that VR brings, after 10 minutes, you won’t know your’re not in the air
  • The instructor station can be in a different room or even a different building
  • There’s no aircraft to disinfect – just a stick, rudders, VR headset and seat. Estimated time around 5 minutes
  • Minimal PPE requirements. Disposable gloves, medical wipes, face masks or good air conditioning
  • Compatible with X-Plane AND Condor 2.*

*  Please note, although we can vouch for the aircraft available for use  in X-Plane, we really have no idea whether the aircraft in Condor 2 are completely VR ready

So, if you are a club or training organisation and are looking to incorporate Flight simulators into your Training and Check Flight programs, Then you have two choices. Either do it yourself and save a few quid or, buy/lease one of our pre-built, fully guaranteed and maintained systems for as little as £8/day (or 1 check flight) and get the backing of our ongoing support to help keep your sim in tip top working order.