This rig is primarily built to handle the very high scenery demands of  X-Plane, P3D and MSFS2020. with 40,000 square kilometers being loaded along with thousands of 3D objects such as buildings, trees, wind turbines etc., you need a Graphics card (GPU with is both fast and has lots of vram (video ram) and a very fast Central Processing Unit (CPU It is built from the ground up using the AMD ecosystem comprising X570 Mother board, 6 core (12 cpu)  processor, AMD Radeon 5700xt Graphics card with 8Gb of vram, 16Gb of high speed main ram, a 256Gb SSD drive for the operating system and applications, 1TB SSD drive for scenery storage, and a generous 750 watt power supply.

Using X-Plane on a 1080p (HD) monitor as the benchmark. Expect to run with World Object set to Max, Reflections to position 2 or 3, and High texture quality. (see images in the product gallery. Setups with triple monitors may need to pull back the sliders a couple of notches. MSFS2020 runs with high render settings at 60FPS in most gliding areas. It goes without saying that this rig will run Condor 2 for Virtual Reality as well as single or triple screen mode because of the lesser scenery demands of that product.