About FreeFlight

Free-Flight is best known in the UK as the developer of Gliding and General Aviation Club Administration software. 13 clubs use Free-flight to conduct all aspects of their activities from recording all flight movements in real time, to handling the account, to marketing and administering Trial Flights, handling members account, maintaining aircraft logs and much much more.

The owner of FreeFight has also been passionate about Flight Simulation for many years. Many clubs do not appreciate the beneficial impact it could have not only on club training, but also in the promotion and marketing of our sport to the younger generation, and the generation of much needed revenue from Trial Lessons – particularly after what can be described (if Her Majesty will pardon me for nicking her phrase) as “2020 – an Annus Horriblis” So, on a mission? Yes:

  • To streamline club admin delivering cost benefits as well as a wealth of analytical data to help clubs plan for the future
  • To promote the personal use of Flight Simulators and to provide fully optimised Virtual Reality PC’s that won’t break the bank
  • To encourage the use of Full Motion, VR Flight Simulators for use in club training and the promotion of the sport of gliding and general aviation.

Free-Flight, and Virtual Flight are readily accessible, call us old fashioned but we love to talk. Feel free to call me or complete the general Enquiry form below. I’d love to hear from you. Alternatively call +44 (0)7802 913753 for immediate attention and call-back

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