As with all our rigs, this flight sim PC is optimised for the best graphics and frame rates in Condor 2 for Virtual Reality as well as single or triple screen mode. It is built from the ground up using the AMD ecosystem comprising X570 Mother board, 6 core (12 cpu)  processor, AMD Radeon Graphics card with 8Gb of vram, 16Gb of ram, a 1TB SSD drive and a generous 750 watt power supply Рmore than enough to handle the needs of both Condor 2 and X-Plane.

The system is also capable of running X-Plane in single high definition monitor ( 1080P) mode, delivering a rock steady 50fps in most areas (but if you fly over London out of London City airport the frame rate will drop to around 30

With all high spec simulator and gaming PC’s the biggest enemy is heat generated by the CPU and GPU. We have you covered. In addition to a Wraith Stealth cooler sitting atop the CPU and 2 fans on the GPU, we have¬† three fans on the front of the case pulling cool air into the case and on the back, one large fan drawing warm air out.