FMFS3 – 2 Degree of Freedom


Available on backorder


Pitch and Roll and VR. The ULTIMATE in Flight. Realism
Check Out Your “Out of Currency” and Trainee Members in Complete Socially Distanced Safety

Available on backorder


Our Finest  Motion Flight Simulator Comprising:

  • 2 degrees of freedom Motion Platform  (Pitch, Roll)
  • AMD High spec PC featuring PCIe 4 X570 Mother board, 6 core (12 CPU) CPU, Ryzen 5700XT GPU, 16Gb Ram
  • Integrated Seat and stick/rudder platform
  • Award Winning Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystic
  • Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals
  • ORBX True Earth scenery for the whole of the UK
  • Oculus Quest VR headset with Oculus Link cable
  • X-Plane Commercial License.
  • Legally charge for use of the sim. Recover costs from as little as £8/day
  • Delivery, Installation, commissioning, training and remote support

Pitch and Roll are the two main physical forces that help to “fool” the body.


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