You Don’t Have To Disinfect A Virtual Cockpit.

You Just Need To Have Fun

Our Finest Full Motion Flight Simulator Comprising:

  • 3 degrees of freedom Motion Platform  (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
  • AMD High spec PC featuring PCIe 4 X570 Mother board, 8 core (16 CPU) CPU, Ryzen 6800XT GPU, 32Gb Ram
  • 500Gb Sata III SSD Drive, 2Tb M2 drive (pcie4)
  • Integrated Seat and stick/rudder platform
  • Award Winning Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystic
  • Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals
  • Oculus Quest2 256Gb  VR headset with Oculus Link cable
  • Delivery, Installation, commissioning, training and remote support
  • Industrial grade motors that can work 10-12 hours each day