Setting Up The Launch Point

As we said earlier,  most – if not all – gliding clubs don’t have the luxury of a single control tower from where every aspect of flying is controlled, rather the airfield is set up on the day according to the prevailing wind, so at the start of the day, (usually) a bus or other enclosed unit is driven to the launch point and parked.



The problem is, if you try to add objects to every launch position in WED, then from the air – when you are coming in to land – it just doesn’t look right. On my home airfield it would mean 6 winches, 6 buses, in fact 6 of everything. X- Winch will overcome this by deploying launch point objects that will move with you as you switch launch positions and/or  visit other sites.

Adjusting X-Winch scenery object positions is similar to adjusting the winch position except that now you have two sliders. The top slider will position the objects around the glider anywhere in a 306 degree circle. Slider two will move the object nearer of further away.

In this version you can position a bus, a group of people, a table with chairs and a couple of individual chairs.

If you are good with blender you can create your own objects and replace ours. All the art and sound assets can be found in the the X-Winch scripts folder inside FlyWithLua/Scripts