Installation Requirements



The script requires that you have FlyWithLua NG installed in the resources/plugins folder of X-Plane. If you don’t already have it, you can download the latest version here .

With FlyWithLua NG installed, proceed as follows with the contents of our zipped file that you just downloaded.

  1. Open OUR resources folder and copy the X-Winch folder into the Resources folder inside your main X-Plane folder.
  2. Open OUR FlyWithLua folder, and then the Scripts folder, locate the identical Scripts folder inside your x-plane11\resources\plugins\FlyWithLua folder and copy the X-Winch folder and the X-Winch Launcher.Lua file into that Scripts folder NOTE – this works for Mac and PC users, although PC users might find it easier just to drop OUR resources folder into your X-Plane folder and select “Replace” when the pop up window appears.

The X-Winch folder contains both the main X-Winch script, the sound files and all the art assets. The X-Winch launcher script is a very simple script that detects whether you have selected a glider. If you haven’t – don’t worry, the main script won’t run. Please note, X-Winch currently also detects the vSkyLabs Motor Falke. Although not a winchable aircraft, it is nevertheless a popular aircraft around many gliding airfields and so has been included so that all the launch point art assets become visible. If you have a favourite motor glider that you fly, do let us know and we’ll add it to the recognized aircraft list.