Adjusting The Winch Position

So, with everything set up let’s get started on a flight and see X-Winch in Action. When the scene loads, click whatever keystroke(s) you assigned to open/close the X-Winch popup window.

Move the slider to adjust the Winch Position. 

You can see the winch moves  BUT THE CABLE DOESN’T. In order to complete the winch moving process you need to restart the flight. It is always a good idea to have the X-Plane command “Glider Winch Start” assigned to a keystroke or a joystick button so you don’t have to leave the scene.



Once you have set the correct cable length, and restarted the flight, the new length will be “remembered” for the rest of the session.

If you are at an airfield you regularly use, save the new winch settings to one of the four available presets . If you change launch positions or move to another airfield, do remember to reset the cable length to match the new location. We will be asking Laminar Research to provide us with a dataref that tells us the length of the runway in use, so hopefully, in a later release we will be able to set the cable length automatically.